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Hyvää Huommenen

Good morning!

sunny 20 °C
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This morning started with a run and swim in the river with the bridegroom. I can see why Finns are in such good shape. We go swimming and in the sauna every day. Jarno is variously a semi-pro hockey player, JiuJitsu champion, and ultimate fighter. His bride is a triathlete and marathoner. We also met the neighbor lady while picking wildflowers, who is 80 years old and bikes down to the river every day for a swim. And yesterday while all the victims of jet-lag were napping, I took Jarno's 7 year old cousin, Arttu, for a walk. We wandered down to the river where I was taking pictures, and before I knew it he had stripped down and jumped into the river, leaving me standing on the bank feeling like a pervert with my camera and a naked 7 year old boy! It brought up interesting conversation with our international friends about cultural norms. Wedding traditions are also a rich topic. Mostly like ours, but all the decorations and food are homemade. His mom is something of a Finn Martha Stewart. And a saint, for having a houseful of international guests before hosting a wedding for 150. We have some downtime today before the wedding, so I will report again and upload pictures after.

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Tervetuloa Suomi!

Welcome to Finland!

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We made it! The flight was uneventful (with the exception of the girl behind us puking all the way from London to Helsinki - nothing contagious I hope), but we were nearly late for our connection at Heathrow, arriving just as they began boarding, then spent over an hour waiting on the tarmac for a dead plane to be towed off the runway. Arrived in Helsinki only an hour late (6:30pm), and Jarno picked us up at the airport and took us to his fiance's grandparents mökki (cabin) on a lake deep in the woods (both of which Finland has plenty of, as seen from the plane!). We enjoyed a campfire cookout, dip in the lake, and traditional Finnish sauna, in the waning dusk from 8:30 - 11pm. Fell asleep propmtly in the car for the ride to his parents farm, and then happily fell into bed once here.

Today we are exploring the farm and helping with wedding preparations. We picked wildflowers from the field, berries from the orchard, folded napkins, tied ribbons, etc with Jarno, his parents, fiance Henna, and a couple other guests from Germany who were also international students at WSU. It is so special to be included in such a neat and intimate cultural experience as a wedding! Janelle has also made fast friends with Jarno's 7 year old nephew, Arttu, teaching each other vocabulary words. We even got to watch a solar eclipse, reminiscent of the first night Jarno spent with our family watching a meteor shower in the driveway :) Can't wait for the wedding tomorrow, will write a full report then. Näkemiin!

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Trip notes from our host

semi-overcast 20 °C

"We are planning on taking you to Henna's grandparents summer cabin for the first night and have a relaxing evening and get some sleep. Spend a day as typical finnish holiday in a summer cabin (it is not that different of yours). I thought that it would be nice if you´d have time to come and visit Jyväskylä (city where we live ) right after the wedding and see our home. Jyväskylä is a nice small university city in mid Finland. (a lot bigger than somero) And there is train connection to Helsinki as well.

What is comes to the survival kit you need in Mökki and your stay while visiting.. Unless you are able to find "polar bear scaring apparatus" do not take anything or maybe the latest edition of penguin catch would be appreciated as well! :)

We provide you sleeping bags/blankets and you do not need mosquito net or anything. I think you´ll be fine..or at least alive.. When providing place to overnight for more than 10 people I can´t guarantee luxury every night but I´m sure you´ll be fine and everyone will have a place to stay. No need for you to carry unneccesary stuff that we can provide! but we´re short of the polar bears scaring devices..

The mökki my parents is in Somero and Henna´s grandparents mökki is located between Helsinki and Somero. We are planning that all international guests would stay the night 31st-1st there and enjoy finnish summer (sauna etc.)( swimming suit might be a good idea) and barbeque. On friday the 1st we might have plenty of preparations and if you do not mind you might be able to help us with it. Now the globalization is the word of the day I promised ´cheap foreign labor if needed...

Hey, Do you know how to do line dance?? hahaha. I had this great idea that Alisa and Janelle could teach a country line dance to the wedding guests. How does that sound?" ~ Jarno Purtsi

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